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MauroBorn in 1944 in the small southern Colorado coal-mining town of Walsenburg, Mauro was educated in the American West.
He studied at the University of Oklahoma and later at the University of Colorado Art School.

1970's  |  1980's  |  1990's  |  2000's
  • One-man exhibitions in Colorado: National Bureau of Atmospheric Research, Boulder; Sangre de Cristo Arts Center, Pueblo; University of Colorado.
  • Lived in Manhattan. While in New York worked on cloth sculpture. Met Willem de Kooning in East Hampton.
  • Exhibitions in California; Esther Robles Gallery, Los Angeles; Esther Bear Gallery, Santa Barbara; William Sawyer Gallery, San Francisco.
  • First one-man exhibit in New York City at Arras Gallery. Show was reviewed by Ann Sargent-Wooster for ART news, February 1975.
  • One-man show at Esther Robles Gallery, Los Angeles.
  • Built studio in Taos.
  • Permanent sculpture collection in the University of New Mexico.
  • One-man exhibition at Arras Gallery in New York City. Show was reviewed in ART news, “New York Reviews” by Marilyn Burnside, Summer 1977.
  • Permanent drawing collection in the New Mexico Museum of Art.
  • Permanent bas-relief collection in the Denver Art Museum.
  • Group drawing exhibition at Maggie Kress Gallery, Taos.
  • Received grant from the New Mexico Arts Commission.
  • Received commissions for the Bataan Memorial Building in Santa Fe and the Taos Social Services Building.
  • Received commission for the R.C.Gorman residence in Taos.
  • Received commission for Papillon Helicopters, Inc., Hawaii.
  • Invited to participate in a show of New Mexico artists at the Albuquerque Museum of Fine Arts.
  • Produced a commission for Elizabeth Taylor.
  • Moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • Produced commission for former Governor of New Mexico, Jerry Apodaca.
  • Produced commission for IBM Corporation.
  • Produced large scale bas-relief sculpture for the Summer Sculpture Show at Shidoni Sculpture Gallery, Tesuque, New Mexico.
  • One-man exhibition at Barbara Mack Gallery, Seattle, Washington.
  • Barbara Mack exhibition in New York City.
  • Figure drawing show at Armond Lara Studio, Santa Fe.
  • Started drawings for 70-foot commission, First National Bank of Abilene, Texas.
  • Produced commission for Gannett Corporation.
  • Produced commission for Owen Health Care Co., Houston, Texas.
  • Received commission for El Centro College, Dallas, Texas.
  • Produced second commission for Gannett Corporation.
  • One-man exhibition at Gallery Mack, Seattle, Washington.
  • One-man show in Aspen, Colorado.
  • Received commission for USA Today and Florida Today Newspapers.
  • Executed bronze sculpture “Nouvella.”
  • One-man museum exhibit at the Palazzo Sormani in Milan, Italy.
  • Produced large scale commission for Forest Highland Resort, Flagstaff, Arizona.
  • One-man show at Contemporary Southwest Gallery, Santa Fe.
  • On-going exhibit opened at Chalk Farm Gallery, London, England.
  • One-man show opened in Tokyo, Japan.
  • One-man exhibitions in Florida : Rick Moore Gallery of Fine Art, Naples and Art Gallery on Turnberry Isle, North Miami.
  • One-man show at Arras Gallery Trump Tower, New York City.
  • One-man exhibition in Florida : Rick Moor Gallery of Fine Art.
  • Tokyo Art Expo.
  • One-man show atContemporary Southwest Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • Traveled to France, Italy and Switzerland. Installed three commissioned fabric works with a private collector in Zurich, Switzerland. Exhibited at the Palazzo Sormani in Milan, Italy.
  • Traveled 1% for the Arts Commission for Eastern New Mexico University, Portales, New Mexico.
  • Produced asixty foot fabric bas-relief for the ENMU Performing Arts Theatre.
  • Produced large scale commissions for Cigna, Lovelase-Albuquerque and Las Cruces, New Mexico. Solo exhibition at the Contemporary southwest Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • Opened the Gary Mauro Gallery on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico exhibiting bronze sculptures, fabric bas-reliefs, figure drawings, cast paper, and cast paper, and cast paper relief.
  • Exhibited large scale fabric bas-reliefs at the University of New Mexico Fine Arts Museum.
  • Produced large scale commissions for Judy Alexander and for Titus County Memorial Hospital, Mt. Pleasant, Texas.
  • Ongoing Gary Mauro Gallery exhibition in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • Produced lithograph suite: Seated Nude, Figure in Red and Figure from Hawaii. Bronze Sculpture, figure drawing, cast paper, and fabric bas-reliefs exhibited at Galeria by Geana, Ft Collins, Colorado.
  • Bronze Sculpture show at Rick Moore Fine Art Gallery. Figure drawing show at Gary Mauro Gallery.
  • Bronze sculpture and cast plaster relief exhibited at Merril Chase Galleries, Schaumburg, Illinois. Multi-media collage, cast plaster and fabric bas-relief exhibited at Diane Carson Fine Art, Dallas, Texas.
  • Bronze reliefs exhibited at Studio E. Gallery, Lake Worth, Florida.
  • Exhibitions at Chalk Farm Gallery, London, England and Gallery Mack, Seattle, Washington. Bronze sculpture and fabric bas-reliefs for private collectors.
  • Solo exhibition of a suite of new bronze sculpture at Gary Mauro Gallery.
  • Major works exhibited at Gallery Mack, Palm Desert, California.
  • Begin drawings for commission of a monumental ten foot bronze of King St. Louis IX for the University of Saint Louis, Missouri.
  • Produced five new figures for bronze casting.
  • Continued work on bronze of King Louis IX.
  • Prepared original drawings for 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia.
  • Exhibited new bas-reliefs in fabric and bronze at the Gallery in Sydney, Australia.
  • Completed work on bronze of King Louis IX, installed May 2001.
  • Produced twenty-eight new figures for bronze casting.
  • Ongoing show at the Gary Mauro Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • Created Monumental Bronze sculpture of two deer.
  • Ongoing exhibition of new ceramic, and fabric bas-reliefs at the Gary Mauro Gallery in Santa Fe.
  • Produced model for monumental, outdoor, figurative, sculpture for the State of New Mexico Capital collection.
  • Exhibited thirty drawings and twelve equine sculptures at the Windsor Betts Gallery.
  • Produced a half life size figurative sculpture for private collection ongoing exhibition at Windsor Betts Gallery.
  • Producing monumental equine sculpture for Windsor Betts Gallery.
  • Producing thirty new small scale bronze sculptures for the Parks Gallery in Taos, New Mexico.
  • Producing large scale fabric bas-relief for Judy Alexander.